Mobile Device Advertising

  • Cross-Channel, Cross-Device Branding, Advertising, and Marketing
  • Pinpoint Geofencing for State, City, Community, Neighborhood, Business
  • Geofencing for Election Campaigning
  • Event and Venue Geofencing, Targeting, and Re-targeting
  • Multi-location geofencing for Job Advertising

Do you have an important campaign, trade show or conference coming up? Make the most of your time & spend at these events with pinpoint location targeting. Drive traffic to your booth or demonstration with mobile device advertising, then retarget for real-time engagement.

Perhaps you have job openings at a specific location or various locations for which you need to get the word out. Do what your competitors are not doing and develop a job advertising campaign that geo-targets the right candidates or job applicant targetsmaybe even those who currently work for your competitors. This is “executive recruiting” for today.

What is Geofencing?