Mobile Device Advertising

  • Cross-Channel, Cross-Device Branding, Advertising, and Marketing
  • Pinpoint Geofencing for State, City, Community, Neighborhood, Business
  • Geofencing for Election Campaigning
  • Event and Venue Geofencing, Targeting, and Re-targeting
  • Multi-location geofencing for Job Advertising

Do you have an important campaign, trade show or conference coming up? Make the most of your time & spend at these events with pinpoint location targeting. Drive traffic to your booth or demonstration with mobile device advertising, then retarget for real-time engagement.

Perhaps you have job openings at a specific location or various locations for which you need to get the word out. Do what your competitors are not doing and develop a job advertising campaign that geo-targets the right candidates or job applicant targets – maybe even those who currently work for your competitors. This is “executive recruiting” for today.

How does Geofencing work?

Let us know if you’d like to know more how we can help your business, campaign, service, offering, or product to be seen on mobile devices in the area/location you select.

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